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Here you order your tickets to the  July 29, 2017 Trestokkfestivalen

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The price structure for the Trestokkfestival so it is less expensive for you if you secure your ticket early!  
May 790,- NOK
June 990,- NOK
July 1.290,- NOK
  Sales stop on Monday the 17th of July! After this, it will not be possible to buy a ticket. This is because we want to give our visitors the best experience, and can then organize infrastructure, food, etc. relative to the number of visitors.   Order your ticket (s) below. You will then receive an invoice for your purchase. As soon as this is paid, the tickets will be sent out.  
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For those who require escort proofs: In the form below the ticket order you will find a field called «disability». Here you can specify what we can do to help you make best experience of Trestokkfestivalen!
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We are looking forward to seeing you at the Trestokkfestivalen!

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