Inge Bremnes is a fairly new star on the Norwegian music sky. But with his sound he creates an atmosphere and vibes that get you sucked into the moment. He is from the northern region of Norway and his lyrics can be bouth weird and ambiguous. He has played at venues like Rockefeller, Parkteateret and scenes and festivals throghout Norway. Spring 2017 he got «statens kunstnerstipend» for his work with music.

With his songs «Sne» and «Ka du håpa på» listed at the main radiochannels in Norway he is building his legacy and is working his way up the ladder in Norwegian music.

His debutalbum «Mellomspill» received good reviews and has been performed at many stages in Norway the last year, and he is also now working on the difficult second album. We are glad to have Inge at Trestokkfestivalen!

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