Trestokkfestivalen is held at Haslemoen Leir in Våler Kommune. Våler is located about 2 hours east of Oslo and Gardermoen.
Trestokkfestivalen had it’s first run in 2017 with artists like Anastacia, Mad Con and Morten abel amongst others.
We had roughly 3000 guest in 2017 with good feedback from both guests and artists. Our goal is allways to create «The Trestokkfeeling» for both artists and guest, which means that everyone should leave the festival with the urge to get back. Skogen Joy is the company behind Trestokkfestivalen and got a huge area at disposal for the festival including a huge consertarena, camp, sleeping possibilites in barracks and a huge foodcourt with seating for 400 outside and 600 inside.

50 000 and two main stages!
Just the area this year can hold 50 000 people in front of the stage if we set up for it. But during Trestokkfestivalen 2018 we will make the set up to make the two stages to face eachother with room for 15 000 between them. By doing it like this we will create an atmosphere where you don’t feel like you are alone in the world, neither that it’s to packed.  We will also have a smaller stage at the foodcourt, where there will be surprises during the festival.

Haunted house!
As far as we know we are unique by also having a haunted house inside our festival area! Mortemmania is a Norwegian dramagroup who specialize in haunted house. They have 2 setup’s every year, one at a local fair and one at Halloween. We dare you to visit Mortemmania during the festival with it’s habitants. During your visit you will meet live actors in different settings, and we can’t stress you enough to not forget the «safeword», that will give you an early exit.

Food and Beverage
We got a foodcourt where you can buy food and beverage. Our partners will deliver food and beverage of high quality during the festival. In the foodcourt you can make the quick selection by choosing pizza or baked potato from «Pizzabakeren» and «Potetbaker’n», or you can choose something cold like a sub or have a decent dinner at the barbequestand. Aass is the oldest brewery in Norway and will be at the festival with their full range of beers, including lagers, IPA’s and Ale’s. If you want something without alcohol then Coca-Cola products will suite your needs. All food and beverage will be served in biodegradable glass and cuttlery.

Sleeping accomondations

Trestokkfestivalen offer two types of accomondations. We got a huge campingarea where you can bring your own tent or campingvehicle. In the camp area there will be a regulated area for barbeque for the guests. There will also be toilets and possibilty to shower for the campingguest. If camping isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer beds inside a barracks. This is 6-beds rooms where we will accomondate people in «first-come-first-served» principe. This means that you might end up in a room with your new best friends for life! In the barracks there is two toilets/bathrooms for ladies and one for men, and there is poweroutlets in every room. There is also a small lounge at the entrance of each barrack where the habitants of the barracks can relax and meet up.
The barracks is located nearby the stages, so you can actually enjoy the music from you bed if you want to relax during the day.

To ensure that the safety for our guests and artist we have hired Zone Security. Zone Security is one of three security companies in Norway who is ISO certified. Zone Security’s homebase is Telenor Arena which is one of the largest eventvenues in Norway. Zone Security is an experienced company with events like the Nobel Peace Prize consert on their records. They will be monitoring the area with guards and CCTV.

For those that will arrive the festival by car there is many possibilies for parking nearby the festivalarea.

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