Trestokkfestivalen now offers the possibility to camp in our campingsite or in beds in barracks!


There will be a campingsite nearby the festivalarea where you can rent a place for a tent og caravan. The Campingsite will have seperated spots for caravans and tent for security reasons. There will be securityofficers patrolling the area together with a serviceteam who will provide the basics for all the guests.

There will also be a set area for barbeque, where we provide grills. It is forbidden to use your own equipment. We will confiscate equipment without warning if used.

There will be possibility to buy food and soft drinks nearby the camp.

Saturday and Sunday morning there will be a breakfast buffet inside the festivalarea (not included), from 09-11.

There will be toilets and simple showers nearby the camp for the campingguests.

We also ask every camper to take responsibility to keep our nature clean, and will be handing out garbagebags to everyone checking in to the camp. Please pick up your own garbage!

You must be at least 18 years to stay at the camp, and pets are not allowed.


If you are not the camping kind of person we also offer beds inside barracks during the festival. The barracks are approved for 6-persons pr room and we will fill it by «first come-first serve». This means that we will pair up the first 6 people arriving in one room, before we start filling up the next one. We will not have seperate men/women room unless there is a special reason for this.

If you want you can reserve a whole room for your friends by sending an email to info@trestokkfestivalen.no. We need the names of the people that are going to stay in the room, and also the ticketnumbers.

In each barracks there is toilets and showers in each floor (3 floors), and we will split these up in : Women 1st and 3rd floor, and Men 2nd floor. It is also power outlets in every room, giving the possibility to charge your electronic equiptment.

There will be a guard at each barrack and you will only gain access to the barrack you are arranged in.

Since the barracks are inside the festival area, we can not allow any beverages brought into the festival area from outside due to Norwegian legislation.

You will also need to bring your own sheet, pillow and duvet.

Saturday and Sunday morning there is a breakfast buffet at the foodcourt between 09-11 (not included).

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